Cedar Park: A High-Tech Job Haven


Welcome to Texas, second-highest ranked state in the U.S. for tech jobs. Cedar Park and the greater Austin area are no exception to this high-tech job boom: the metro’s number of high-tech jobs grew 7.7% from 2018, according to the Austin Business Journal. The tech industry’s impressive growth rate bodes well for Cedar Park’s economic development during a possible recession and in a post-COVID economy. If you are looking for a new career path or more overall growth, it’s a great time to be in tech in the Austin area.


As Americans learn to navigate this “new norm”, many companies do not have the luxury of allowing their employees to work from home. Austin ranked among the top 25 U.S. cities where employees can work from home. Many tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Indeed have a majority of their employees working from home and this has permitted them to sustain their workforce and continue operations. Employees at these high tech companies are able to maintain their job security and provide their families with the peace of mind we all are seeking in these unprecedented times.

With 30.8% of the Austin metro’s net new jobs, the tech industry is poised to survive any recession. Fortunately, the tech industry hasn’t been hit as hard as other industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Cedar Park. Not only has this lucrative industry seen a steady number of available job opportunities, but they also have seen an average 26.2% increase in salaries since 2014.

High Profile, High Tech Employers

The five-county Austin metro, which includes Cedar Park’s Williamson County, boasts more than 7,700 high tech job employers and over 170,000 high tech jobs. The list of employers includes well-known tech companies such as Dell, Apple, and Amazon. These companies are providing invaluable economic stability, and also encourage real estate and commercial growth in the Cedar Park area.

High Tech Job Opportunities

Despite many industries in the United States having to implement hiring freezes due to the recent economic downturn, there is no shortage of Cedar Park tech jobs available. Cedar Park became home to UK 3-D printing parts company Additive Manufacturing Technologies Ltd. in 2019, which is expected to add 100 more jobs with an average wage of $80,000 per year. Cedar Park’s economy will earn an additional $1.8 million in sales tax revenue thanks to the agreement. Additive Manufacturing Technologies is only one of many with open positions available in the area.

From software companies to e-commerce giants, Cedar Park and the greater Austin metro offers a wealth of economic opportunities in the high-tech industry. The area’s unique access to a diverse tech workforce, as well as prolific Cedar Park tech companies, will only continue to attract more prestigious workforce talent and businesses in the coming years. Cedar Park’s status as a top destination to live is only an added benefit to all of the career opportunities available in the city.