Three Reasons to Consider Cedar Park, Texas for Business Growth

If you are planning to relocate your business or expand and open new locations, Cedar Park, Texas is your ideal location. This major suburb, which directly borders, Austin, continues to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and is an outstanding location for business development. In addition to the benefits that come with doing business in Texas, Cedar Park’s central location, thriving workforce and available sites are only a few of the reasons new and growing businesses should choose Cedar Park, Texas.

Central Location for Success

Cedar Park is quickly becoming one of the best cities in Texas for new business development as this suburb of Austin continues its economic growth. The business climate in the past five years has improved tremendously with the expansion of available sites in the area paired with free services from the EDC such as area demographic data, a building and land database and expansion assistance.

A Thriving Workforce   

Cedar Park’s proximity to Austin is also a huge benefit as one of the best places for hiring.  There is a highly skilled workforce readily available due in large part to the area’s many major colleges and universities. In fact, 48 percent of Cedar Park’s population has an associate degree or higher and 57 percent has at least some college education, making Cedar Park the top choice for businesses, employers and job seekers alike.

Quality of Life in Central Texas

Not only is Cedar Park a top destination to relocate a business, but the area also offers a wide variety of attractions located conveniently on the edge of the Texas Hill Country. From outdoor entertainment, sports live music, to an array of shopping and dining opportunities, this city is teeming with plenty of fun things to do.