Target Sectors
Defense and Aerospace

The Aerospace/Defense Industry serves, as its name represents, two main markets: Aerospace, which focuses on the development of small to medium sized launch vehicles for commercial launches to orbit, and Defense, which is dependent on the nation’s need for military weapons and systems designed to operate on land, sea and in the air.

In July 2019, the Army Futures Command (AFC) opened in Austin, just 24 miles from Cedar Park. The AFC is a United States Army command aimed at modernizing the Army. It focuses on six priorities:  long-range precision fires, next-generation combat vehicle, future vertical lift platforms, a mobile and expeditionary Army network, air and missile defense capabilities and soldier lethality. AFC’s cross-functional teams (CFTs) are the Army Futures Command’s vehicle for sustainable reform of the acquisition process for the future.

The AFC  was established in 2018 as a peer of FORSCOM, TRADOC, and Army Materiel Command (AMC), the other Army commands (ACOMs—providing forces, training and doctrine and materiel, respectively). Previously the United States military focused on fighting insurgents, since 2001. The other Army commands focus on their readiness to “fight tonight” when called upon by the nation. In contrast, AFC is focused on future readiness for competition with near-peers, who have updated their capabilities.

AFC declared its full operational capability (FOC) in July 2019, after an initial one-year period. The FY 2020 budget allocated $30 billion for the top six modernization priorities over the next five years. The $30 billion came from $8 billion in cost avoidance and $22 billion in terminations. Over 30 projects are envisioned to become the materiel basis needed for overmatching any potential competitors in the over the next ten years, in Multi-domain operations (MDO).

Firefly Aerospace Inc., headquartered in Cedar Park, specializes in providing economical and convenient access to space for small payloads through the design, manufacture and operation of reliable launch vehicles.

Firefly’s contracts include:

  • NASA
  • Surrey Satellite Technology
  • York Space Systems

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Austin Aerotech Inc., was started in 1996 by a technically experienced management team with a mission to provide high quality aftermarket spares from a growing stock of instruments, avionics and other rotables for fixed and rotary commercial, corporate, and military aircraft, with parts shipping globally to over 150 countries.

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